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Independent Heating and Air Conditioning

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What is independent heating and air conditioning 

An independent heater is a device that is able to heat the air or the engine of the vehicle independently of its operation. Hot water heating is often used for passenger cars, while hot air heating is popular for larger vans, truck cabins, work machines such as excavators, or boat cabins. 

The independent air conditioning, like the independent heating, works independently of the engine drive.

Car Mechanic


1.Installation of independent heating and air conditioning to; cars and trucksmotorhomesconstruction and agricultural machinery

2.Authorized service when installing these productswarranty and post-warranty service, which is also available to you as part of our services


3.Sale of spare parts listed manufacturers


Our dealer brands 

We are an authorized dealer of assembly and service of foreign manufacturers; Eberspächer, Webasto and Valeo. We have been an authorized dealer of the German brands Eberspächer and Webasto for over 15 years. In 2010 we were awarded the best Eberspächer dealership.

I added the French brand Valeo in 2019.

These brands are internationally recognized for their quality and reliability. 

*You can find official dealer certifications on our Certifications page

Winter Camping

Why independent heating and air conditioning
Our recommendation

-Independent heating is the perfect saver of time, engine, money and effort. On winter and frozen days, the independent heating will save you the time and effort of scraping the windows and make the morning pleasant with a warm car when you first get in, regardless of the engine running, thanks to the remote start.


Independent air conditioning is a popular and frequent addition to trucks to improve comfort and sleep on long journeys thanks to independent engine operation that ensures driver comfort even when the engine is off. 




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