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What are we doing.
We are an end-to-end provider of affordable quality products designed in Sweden for all types of cultivation. By ensuring quality from concept to finished product, we help more people till the land.


How we do it.
Kellfri is based on understanding and respecting the challenges our customers face. Thanks to genuine interest and constant help to our customers, we are constantly developing and expanding the assortment.


Our unique approach.
We provide the best deal for smaller farms and businesses. And we also offer products for larger holdings. This makes us a natural part of all farms and rural enterprises.


Our mission
We help more people work the land.
We know what it takes to cultivate the soil. It is both our corporate culture and our heritage. This inspires us to provide affordable quality products, relevant offers and customer service that make life easier and work easier for our customers. We help more people work the land.


Our vision
With a useful range of affordable quality products for all types of cultivation and a thorough know-how of rural life, we aim to be a natural part of all farms and rural businesses. We aim to offer the same presence in our other strategically selected markets. We want our products, along with Kellfri's recognition as a key source of know-how and customer service, to be found in businesses of all sizes.

In our modern and fully equipped workshop, we assemble everything from timber trailers and firewood machines to harvesters and fully serviced ready-to-use tractors. We are experts and know the products we sell very well, which gives customers a sense of security that is hard to find elsewhere.


Our assembly department has extensive experience in the industry and with our products and provides customers with products that are fully inspected, tested and assembled upon delivery.


We have our own service department, which is always ready to offer its unique support services.


At Kellfri, we nurture relationships with care. We have always built long-term relationships with our customers and this is how we create job satisfaction.


Our product development department has extensive expertise, which we want to share with regular new product launches. It all happens in Kellfri.


We work quickly and in accordance with the times, with short delivery times. We have complete control over the entire value chain, which ultimately benefits you as the customer in terms of price, quality, functionality and delivery times.


Of course, we have wear and spare parts in stock, which are quickly dispatched from our warehouse.


Your product is shipped from our warehouse either fully assembled or in a neat package that folds up after delivery.


Our relationship begins in earnest when you receive your product. We are here for you with our expertise. We are proud and happy that you have chosen a Kellfri product and you can feel safe knowing that you own a Kellfri product.


We are by your side in all weathers and seasons - choose safely - choose Kellfri.


Kellfri - Farming Made Easy!


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